Encaustic Paintings

Uncle’s Party (Teno and Jow), encaustic and mixed media on panel, 23 by 22.5 by 1 inches

Pen & Ink Drawings

Foliage, Flowers, Glass Objects, pen & ink drawing collage, 32.25 x 40.25 inches


Detail of Still and Green Moon 3



Neighborhood, encaustic on panels (center panel: 23 by 22.5 by 3 inches), 48 by 43.75, 2013

I am a mid-career contemporary artist who has work that can be found in public and private collections. The encaustic paintings, pen and ink drawings, and watercolor paintings represent my range of creative interests. All of my artworks are compatible for residential and corporate spaces. Also, I can collaborate with designers and architects to provide art for the above-mentioned spaces, and develop new works for corporate commissions.